Right! So I never uploaded this! This is from November whoops.

Here’s where I do the thing wherein I post the picture of me and a actor and tell the story of when I met said actor, in this case, Peter Davidson! (The Doctor! I met the actual Doctor!)

Anyways, so there was a pool and a sort of ‘meet Peter Davidson’ party at the con I went to, and I was swimming even though it was aprox. -100000 degrees in that water. (No joke.) So I come out, shivering and shaking in a towel, and sort of stalk over to where Peter Davidson and stare a bit oddly like ‘ohmygosh that’s the Doctor that’s the Doctor…ect.’

A bit later, when I changed in to proper clothes and stopped being so shocked, I said hello! He was very nice and said, in quote, “Weren’t you in a towel, though, earlier?” And we laughed at the out-of-context-ness of that statement.

This is had taken place on Friday, so when I went back on Sunday to get a picture I was hardly expecting him to remember me. But he did! He greeted me and my sister (cut out of the picture b/c I’m not sure she wants to be on the internet) and he said

"It’s towel girl!"

and at that point I’m grinning and not a little bit giddy. But I still get a semi-decent picture. Sigh.

(and if you’re wondering about the lack of bow-tie, I promise I had one! But I lost it somewhere in the hotel. Sigh.)

April 22  ♥  20